An organised kitchen is the pride of any chef. It creates cooking efficiency in the kitchen and promotes easy cleaning.  Here below you will find 3 Basic Kitchen Organisation Ideas for you to apply in the kitchen.  

To become a better cook or chef that enjoys their time in the kitchen comes with great order and set up. Being as organised as the expert professional chef will leave you feeling like one and this is just the right vibe we need for our kitchen.

Here Are The 3 Basic Kitchen Organisation ideas For Your Kitchen.

Below are the 3 basic kitchen organisation ideas that will help you to create better order and organisation in the kitchen and will lead you to a journey of feeling more confident and comfortable in your kitchen.

1. You will need to create 4 functional Kitchen Zones in your kitchen

Whether your kitchen is big or small does not matter much when it comes to issues to do with kitchen organisation. Setting up your kitchen right will help you to manoeuvre around efficiently and effectively.

The 4 zones that are a must-have for your kitchen are as follows; the Cook Zone, preparation zone, clean up zone, and the put-away Zone

preparation Zone

 The preparation zone is that area in the kitchen where you spend a lot of time preparing what you want to cook up.  

The preparation should suitably be the area with the most countertop space. The ingredients that you need to prepare and items that you use for preparing them should therefore be stored in this area.  These items may include knives, towels, preparation bowls, salt and other seasonings, a trash can, a chopping board.

cooking zone

Just the name suggests this is where you will do all your cooking in the Kitchen. The cookware and other things you need to use during cooking like cooing oil, and wooden spoons for mixing food, keep them near the cooking area. All things you need during cooking should be within arm’s length for efficiency.

cleaning up zone

The cleaning up zone is where you find the sink in the kitchen. It is the area where all the cleaning up gets done.  This area is of great importance and therefore it should be well maintained and organised.  Keep all detergents and materials used to clean utensils near the sink. A wet plate tray, chicken towels and a disposal bin should be located in this vicinity.

The Put Away Zone

This is the area where you store ingredients that are not in use, and the left over’s from your food. This is the fridge and the freezer zone. Items that help in the proper storage of food and fresh ingredients stored in this area. Items like the foil, airtight containers, and plastic sealing bags will be kept in this zone.

2. Create order in your kitchen basing on the recipe at hand

Be strategic in your kitchen and let the recipe you have at hand be the basis for creating order around. All you have to do is get all the details of your recipe correct. Read through your recipe carefully before you start cooking and you will not regret any bit of the time you spend in the kitchen.  Here is how to create an order based on your recipe

Your ingredients

Get all the ingredients you need for your recipe from storage and refrigeration and arrange them in their right full positions. This will save you from the time you spend running all around the kitchen to hunt for ingredients as the cooking takes place. These include onions, seasonings, carrots, beef etc

The cooking tools

Pull out all the cooking tools you need for your recipe. This will save you from dismantling the order you have created in the name of picking up a spoon in a dire hurry. These tools include a chopping board, knives, cooking pans, preparation bowls etc.

Streamline your cooking process

Assemble your ingredients in order of their need and turn to be cooked. Cut your ingredients and set them up in preparation bowls and transfer them from the preparation zone to the cooking zone. The used dishes from the cooking zone should thereafter find their way to the cleaning zone right away. This will help you maintain order and organisation in your kitchen.

3. Employ smart cleaning techniques in your kitchen

There are quite a number of people who don’t like doing the dishes in the kitchen, much as there are those who will avoid cooking if the sink is full of dirty dishes. The smart way of doing dishes is not to wait for the end of the cooking session but to clean them in bits along the cooking process.

Here are the tips on how to go about cleaning the items in your kitchen;

Before cooking

Your kitchen sink should be set with all the necessary equipment that you need.  The waste bin or bag should be set up nearby to collect any clutter that remains as you wash ingredients and dishes. Clear anything in the sink that needs cleaning right before you start cooking your food.

During the cooking process

As you cook your food there are always a few minutes in-between processes. As you wait for the water to heat up and reach boiling point, clean the preparation bowls, pans and tools in the sink that you are through with. Clear the sink immediately to avoid the build of unnecessary clutter and disorder in the kitchen.

After cooking

Soak the cooking pots in water to make them easy to clean after use. Serve your meal and then clean up the dishes right after. If you are not eating alone you will most likely have help from other family members, do this immediately and leave your kitchen sparkling and clean.  Wipeout all counters and any particles of food that could have dropped on the floor. Leave the kitchen sparkling and ready for the next meal.

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