groundnut grinding machine prices in Uganda


The business of grinding groundnuts for commercial purposes has proved to be profitable in recent years. Are you considering this business?  Take time to read, Groundnut Grinding Machine Price in Uganda.

Groundnut Paste is one of the  Ugandan food cuisines. It is popularly added to buffets, the groundnut stew locally known as binyebwa in Luganda dialect.

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Before we go any further we would like you to understand the different features that make a ground nut grinding machine below;

Features of a Groundnut grinding machine

The different features of a grinding machine influencer groundnut grinding machine prices in Uganda.  Let us have a look at the features below;

  1. A single power phase comes in three different types. They include a Three-kilogram horsepower engine;    

It comes with a stainless steel pan, one switch, a three-meter wire cable, an industrial socket, and a mingling stick.

Five-kilogram horsepower engine and Seven-kilogram horsepower engine

The five-horsepower and the seven-horsepower stainless steel machines equally come with similar specifications and equipment as the three-horsepower stainless steel machine.
Mohammed Tusubira of Katwe Metal Works confirms the output of the

What are the Advantages of the powered groundnut Grinding Machine
speed; as Compared to the traditional manual Hand mortar, the stainless steel groundnut machine uses a lot of speed in crushing which is more efficient and effective.
Quality; the quality of the groundnut paste is finer than that of the manual pounding mortar.
Labor; It is less labor-intensive for business purposes, and it reduces the need for manual labor.

Cleaning; the machine is easy to clean without affecting the grinding of other materials. The machine can be cleaned with water and then dried with a high-pressure air gun.

How to Maintain the Groundnut Grinding Machine

  • Maintaining your groundnut grinding machine is mostly all about keeping it to clean and presentable.
  • Sharpening the blades is needed regularly to maintain a high quality and fine paste.
  • Ensuring that your power connection is right, and knowing what to do when there is a power overload.

How to crush groundnuts without a grinding machine

There are moments when you will have no grinding machine, yet you need to crush your groundnuts.   Below are several other light ways of crushing your groundnuts at home.

Use of a Food Processor

To crush your groundnuts in a food processor you need to first freeze them for several hours to make it easier for the food processor to crush them.

Crush a little at a time to avoid crowding your food processor.

Crushing the peanuts by use of the hand

In this method, you need a plastic bag that you can seal off.  The unshelled grounds can be crushed with a rolling pin.   Avoid overfilling the plastic bag to stop the groundnuts from flying out as you crush them.

Groundnut grinding machining prices in Uganda

 Uganda is one of the world’s largest provider’s peanut butter, and sesame paste, it has invested in technology to do with grinding machines.

The cost of the machine ranges between Uganda Shs1.7m and Uganda Shs 3m depending on the size.

Where to buy groundnut grinding machines in Uganda

They range from different prices 1m Uganda shillings and above. their various types, brands, makes, and sizes on the market. Make a choice that is based on your unique needs and your wallet.

Katwe machines



Musa Body Machinery in Katwe makes stainless steel groundnut paste machines. You can acquire a machine at 2m

Before you grind your groundnuts, you will most likely need to roast them fast. Learn how to roast your groundnuts perfectly using a pan


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