How to avoid mistakes when choosing a kitchen sink

How to avoid Mistakes when choosing a kitchen sink

The kitchen is considered to be the heart of every home and at the very heart of every kitchen is the Sink. Most of the time one spends in the kitchen is by the sink.  That is why you need to choose a kitchen sink that suits you. Here is how to avoid mistakes when choosing a Kitchen Sink.

This article is about how to void common mistakes when choosing a Kitchen Sink.

 How to choose a suitable Kitchen sink

Sink Size Vs Space Availability

A Kitchen Sink should take up just a 1/3 of your Kitchen countertop space. This will help you to leave sufficient space for your kitchen hob, Kitchen Accessories and food preparation space.

Sink Material Vs Practicality
Make yourself familiar with the pros & cons of the material you are about to choose for your kitchen sink. Read about that particular material and learn about its grades to avoid inferior and low-grade materials widely available in the market. The most common sink material used today is stainless steel & Granite composite.

Bowl combination Vs Your Working Habit

You’re working habits and the installation area available will determine the bowl combination that you choose.  Put into consideration you’re working habits and preferences for example, do you find it comfortable to wash your dirty dishes in one sink or do you prefer using two sinks?

Sink Model Vs installation method
There are 2 (two) methods that can be used to mount Kitchen sinks; under-mounted or top Mounted. A sink will be made specifically as an under or top mount. On the other hand, different sink models can be installed in either kitchen mounting method or both.

Budget/Cost Vs Quality
Make the budget for your kitchen Sink, after conducting market research and getting yourself familiar with the market rate. Understand the value you are paying for, low price never necessary means good quality. For example, Stainless steel sink comes in different grades, such as 18/8 or 18/10. For granite composite sinks, the percentage of granite & its composite will affect its long-term quality.

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Tips That Will Help You Avoid Mistakes When Choosing a Sink

Here’s how to avoid mistakes when choosing a kitchen sink

·         Design

A good kitchen sink design will either enhance or detract from the overall design of your kitchen. 

·         Quality

Read and research about best qualities and manufacturers. Most importantly you need to understand the different grades of the material that you want to use.  

·         Warranty

Does your provider offer any Warranty? You need to protect yourself from factory mistakes, and other things that may have gone wrong with your sink

·         Lead time

If you’re ordering the sink yourself, make sure the lead time works for your schedule. This will help you to avoid extra costs like time and money caused by a delay in delivery.

·         Fit

Ensure that your sink fits inside the cabinet. The sink should be at least 3” smaller than the cabinet in which it sits. Some sink manufacturers also will show a recommended minimum cabinet size on their spec sheet.

·         Function

Ask yourself how you use your sink. Or how you’d like to use your sink? The perfect sink for your kitchen should match how you use your kitchen

·         Accessories

Accessories can enhance the design and functionality of your sink. Bottom grids & a cutting board are a must for me.  getting the right tap for you could be the most perfect addition on to your sink.

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