Spicy Korean Ramen Noodles with vegetables

What is Ramyeon?

Ramyeon is the Korean version of instantnoodleswhich is typically salty and spicy. ramyeoan is the bestselling brand of instant noodles and has currently exported and become popular in  America and China.  Korea is known to be the highest consuming country of instant noodles in the world with several restaurants specializing in adding different ingredients to their noodles.

Korean ramen is a modification of the original Japanese ramen to Korean taste, flavours and ingredients.  Are you a lover of noodles like me, let us explore the Korean ramen recipe.

korean ramen recipe

I love watching South Korean dramas  on dramacool, this is where I developed my love for the Korean ramen style of cooking instant noodles and I love everything about it,  It is my dream to visit Korea one day and have a taste of the real Korean ramen in those tiny street bar restaurants with  a glass of Soju.

List of Ingredients for Making Korean Ramen/ Ramyeon

2 cups of water

Mushrooms dried or fresh Mushrooms

1 Korean Ramen ( ramyeon)/ or a brand of alkaline noodles

1 Large Egg

1 Green Onion

Cabbage / any other leafy vegetable

How to make Ramyoen Step by Step

 Add 2 cups of water to a fairly large saucepan/cooking pot add your mushrooms, cabbage or any other vegetable you love.  place a lid over the cooking pot to bring the water to boil fast.

When the water is boiling, open the ramen packet and remove the seasonings and additions in the side and add it to the boiling water.

Let this mixture boil for a minute or 2 make sure to taste to check out the seasoning if it suits your taste. It should not be too salty.

You can now add your ramyeaon  to the mixture, keep stirring the noodles constantly as you lift them up to add a chewy texture to your noodles

It’s time for the egg, you can either break the egg into the ramen and let it cook for 1 or 2 minutes or poach the egg separately and add it to your noodles.

Serving the noodles, for some reason which I don’t understand Koreans eat ramyeon on the lid of their cooping pot when alone at home, I think its because they don’t like washing their dishes.  but eat in neat ceramic bowels in restaurants. Serve your noodles the best way you can enjoy them, the bottom line make sure to savour every bite of it.

Where to eat Ramyeon/ Ramen in Uganda.

For your Korean ramen treat in Uganda you can check out Miso Garden and Arirang Korean Restaurant in Kampala, they also offer food deliveries for your comfort via Jumia Food Uganda unlike many people  who eat noodles only when they feel lazy to cook, noodles have become a staple food to the  Korean people, and why not love them as well

Stay in touch for the next noodle recipe, lets explore the world with the taste of our food

korean ramen with scrambled egg


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