how to make a Ugandan Chapatti

How to make a Ugandan chapatti

The Ugandan chapatti is a popular snack and meal served at tea time, lunch or dinner. Today we shall learn how to make the Ugandan Chapatti Step by step.

The chapatti has been tagged as the poor man’s meal since it is easily affordable. It is a highly potent carbohydrate that leaves its consumer full and satisfied. 

The chapatti is attached to recipes like the Ugandan Rolex, a delicious roll of chapatti and eggs. There is also kikomando a mixture of chapatti and beans.

I must say the best chapatti is enjoyed freshly made and hot, this is the reason as to why you need to learn how to make your own sometimes.

Below are the ingredients you need for making a Ugandan Chapatti


Step by step Process of how to make a Ugandan Chapatti

Follow the following steps carefully to reward yourself with a soft, delicious and hot chapatti

Step 1

Filter ¾ of the cup of wheat flour into a kneading bowl. The remaining ¼ cup of wheat flour is used during the process as we shall see fit. Add one teaspoon of table salt.  Add quarter a cup of Luke warm water to the wheat flour bit by bit start kneading.

Step 2

Pour 2 tsp of Vegetable Oil into your dough to make it less sticky on the surfaces of the bowl and your hands. Continue needing until your mixture feels tight spongy and has stopped sticking on the surfaces.

Step 3

Allow your dough to rest as you prepare the surface for rolling it out. Clean the top of your kitchen counter or table and sprinkle it with some remaining wheat flour. Get your dough and use your hands and make round balls with your palms.

 These should be made into consideration the size of your frying pan. Note that a chunky ball will make it hard to get the chapatti ready.

Step 4

Use a rolling pin and roll out your dough ball to a circular shape. If your dough is still sticky sprinkle it with wheat flour. Roll out the chapatti forming a circular shape and now it is ready to be cooked.

Step 5

Now it is time to get your vegetables ready.  Finely slice a quarter piece of the green Cabbage onto Plate. Then finely dice your Onion and green paper into a plate. Cut your tomato into rings and arrange them on a plate. Well, sliced vegetables will always give a good impression of your food.

Step 6

Position your pan over a moderate flame and heat it to 45c.  Get the circular rolled dough and place it on the pan. Wait for a few seconds, and then flip it. Give the other side the same time then add a tablespoon of Vegetable Oil to cook the chapatti. Stand by until it is golden yellow and then flip it to the other side. 

You may add half a spoon of vegetable oil to the other side or cook it with just one spoon of vegetable Oil

Your chapatti is ready to serve with tea, or you can make yourself an egg omelette and roll it together with the chapatti to make a Rolex. You can alternately cut it into pieces and dip it in beans or any stew.

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