Bread crumbs on a wooden Kitchen board

Bread crumbs consist of crumbled fragments of bread that can be used for breading of foods, topping, stuffing used in cooking.  The bread crumbs may be plain or seasoned according to their need.

Bread crumbs are  used in  cooking several dishes , it makes a good  coating for your air fryer fried chicken recipe for example and they are used for holding in moisture in the meatballs recipe

 Learning how to make bread crumbs at home will not only save you some money but, it will also save you from storing old bread crumbs leftovers from the previous cooking for the next cooking.

In this method, we shall explore how to make the bread crumbs at home without using a food processor.

How to make bread crumbs without using a food processor.

  1. Toasted bread
  2. Blender
  3. Box grater
  4. Zip bag


Step 1: Toasting

Toast isolated on white background

 A day-old bread is the best option to use when making bread crumbs. Fresh bread is often soft and moist; this will not produce perfect bread crumbs.  Day-old bread stored at room temperature will have lost part of its moisture and become harder. This will give us better results.

Toast the bread in a toaster, if you don’t have a toaster you can use a thick based pan to toast your bread. Toast the bread long enough so that it crunchy and crumbles easily. 

Step 2: crumbing

Here are the different ways you can crumb your toasted bread without using a food processor

Electric black & grey blender on a white background

Break the toasted bread into pieces

Place them into the blender

Pulse 3 to 4 times

Check the consistency

Sieve out the fine bread crumbs and put back the large pieces into the blender, pulse them again until they are fine.

Your bread crumbs are ready for use

Box Grater
Grater box set isolated on white background

Toast your bread until dry, or use a hardened bread or frozen bread. Grate the bread slice by slice over a box grater until you have the right amount needed. Watch out as you grate to avoid grating your figures too.

Use a zip bag and a rolling pin
Plastic zip lock pouch bags, transparent

Place your toasted bread into a zip bag, using a rolling pin roll over the bread to crumb it. The bread will flatten instead of crumbing if it is not well toasted. Toast the bread again to make it crunchy and hard.

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