Ugandan chaps served with red dipping sauce

How to make Ugandan Chaps at Home

What is a Ugandan chap? Chaps are popular snacks in Uganda sold around town at small snack bars and kiosks.  They are similar to kebabs in taste, but they differ in their shapes, while Ugandan Kebabs are cylindrical in shape, chaps are round and flat in shape.   If you are planning to start a snack business you should consider including chaps on your menu. They are thick enough and will leave the consumer satisfied. Here is the recipe for how to make Ugandan chaps at home.

Ingredients for making Ugandan Chaps at home

500g of lean minced beef

Vegetable oil for deep frying

1 Turkish green pepper finely grated

½ of a ginger clove finely grated

3 eggs

2 small onions finely grated

A bunch of finely chopped coriander leaves

1 carrot finely shredded

Seasoning ingredients

½ a tsp of red pepper

1 tsp of White pepper

2 tbsp of Ryoco powder

1 tsp of black pepper

1 tsp of simba mbilli curry powder

1 tsp of all spices powder

Salt to taste

Other binding ingredients for chaps

1 a cup of wheat flour

11/2 cup of cassava flour

Step by step process of making Ugandan chaps at Home

Seasoning the lean minced beef

Place the minced beef in a large and transparent dish bowl then add salt to it to taste.

Next add the powdered spices like cumin, black pepper, paprika, and ginger powders Red pepper, White pepper, Ryoco powder, black pepper, simba mbilli curry powder, and all spices powder to the lean minced beef in the bowel.

Thereafter add finely chopped ingredients in your recipe; add the coriander leaves, onions, carrots, green pepper, and ginger to the minced beef in the bowel.

Getting the minced beef chaps ready for cooking

Start mixing the ingredients in the bowel together as you add in the cassava flour and the wheat flour. Use the palms of your hands to knead the dough lightly. Don’t use force and overwork the mixture this is to avoid raising the temperature which is not necessary.   Use a little vegetable oil to remove any sticky dough on the palm of your hands.

Making the Ugandan minced beef Chap rolls

Sprinkle some cassava flour onto a plain surface. Get the minced beef dough from the bowel and place it on the floured surface.

Make small-sized round balls from the minced beef mixture and place them on the floured surface.

Using maize flour and a rolling pin roll out round shapes chaps from the minced beef balls that you made. Make small circles smaller than the regular Ugandan chapatti.

Deep Frying the chaps at home

Place a deep frying pan on a high source of heat.  Pour in the vegetable cooking oil.  To check if the cooking oil is ready drop in a small piece of Chap mixture if it sizzles immediately then the oil is ready for deep frying.

Tip. For your kebabs to cook evenly make sure that they are completely dipped and covered by cooking oil.

Deep fry your chaps in batches to avoid overcrowding the frying pan as this will also lead to uneven cooking.

After 3 -5 minutes your kebabs will be ready. Remove them from the oil and set them aside to cool. Continue with the rest of the kebabs as the first batch cools down.  When all the chaps are ready the next step is to coat the outside layer with eggs.

Coating the chaps with eggs

Break the 3 eggs into a bowl and whisk them properly. The bowel should be wide enough to enable you to dip your chap

 Dip the chap into the eggs in a bowl and drop them in the oil. Place a few chaps at a time into the frying pan. Fry them for 1 to 2 minutes and set them aside, continue with the process until all your chaps are done

Tip: Avoid overcrowding the pan to maintain the temperature of the oil and to let them cook evenly.

When the chaps have cooled down, dip them in eggs for a second time and deep fry them for a second time. This coating will be better and thicker and much better than the first one.

Remove the ready kebabs from oil and place them on a tray with paper serviettes to drain any excess oil within.

Serve hot or cold with fries and a bunch of your favorite vegetables and drink

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