How to make Ugandan Mango Crisps

How to make Ugandan Mango Crisps

It is very common to find mangoes rotting away during the peak seasons in most rural areas. Let us explore the mango value chain and learn how to make Ugandan Mango Crisps.

During peak mango seasons, the prices for mangoes are very low. However, it is the opposite after the season; there is often an acute scarcity of the fruit on the market, hence an increase in the prices.

A lot more money is earned when you add value to your mangoes than by selling them as they are. That is why adding value to your mangoes before selling them is very important.

What equipment do you need to make Ugandan Mango crisps?

to start the venture on a business level you need to buy solar dryers; it is advisable to start small with sizable dryers that are not so expensive. Other equipment includes trays where you can dry your fruit, containers for storing fresh and dry fruit and packaging.

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How to make Ugandan mango crisps step by step

The sweet and tangy mango chips can be easily made at home. They are healthy and provide a great way to store mangoes all year round.

Here is a step-by-step process of making your mango crisps. Kindly note that proper hygiene should be maintained during the process of slicing and drying the fruits high level of hygiene must be ensured. The handlers should wear gloves.
Step 1: From the garden or market, the mangoes are put in a store. Raw fruits are then picked and separated from the ripe ones.   The raw ones are kept in the store to ripen. Raw and ripe mangoes dry at different intervals so they should not be mixed.

Step 2:  pick the ripe mangoes and, wash them thoroughly with water then peel the outer layer off.

Step 3:  They are then sliced into the same shape and size to allow them dry at the same time.

Preserving the mangoes

Preserve the mangoes by using lemon and salt. Soak your mango slices in salted lemon water for about one hour before laying them out to dry

Step 4:  These are spread out to dry on trays under the sun. The trays are placed in solar dryers during low temperatures.

Step 5: After about 18 hours they are dry and ready to be removed.

Step 6:  Leave the dry fruits to cool in a store and thereafter pack them in polythene bags ready for sale/consumption.

Mango crisps/ chips can be stored for 6-7 months in an airtight container, and are likely to suffice till the next mango season. Adding lemon to the mangoes acts as a natural preservative.

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Things to Consider before starting a commercial mango business

Things you need to consider before starting the dried mango slice production include the following; funding, sourcing the fruit, purchase of equipment, labour, transportation to the factory, operational license, business registration and marketing. a feasibility study, write a business plan.

Business plan

Write a feasibility study and business plan before starting the enterprise. The business plan should cover all aspects from production, sourcing, license and funding.


Secure funding by approaching a commercial bank for a loan. Secure low-interest long-term loans and provide collateral. Other funding sources are venture capitalists, partnerships, angel investors and crowdfunding.


Hire experienced machine operators, bookkeepers, receptionists, and factory workers. Others are factory managers, accountants, purchase managers etc. note that you will most likely start with not all the workers,

Business registration

Secure operational license, and register the business as a limited liability company. Secure tax identification number, and insurance cover. Register with manufacturers association, and join relevant unions. Patent the product, and brand and obtain National food and drug certification and number.

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