How to roast groundnuts Perfectly using a Pan


perfect for taking tea or coffee. you need to learn how to make groundnuts at home because they taste great when freshly roasted. here is how to roast groundnuts perfectly using a pan. But let us first find out what groundnuts are.

What are groundnuts?

Groundnuts are leguminous plants that are grown solely for their edible seeds. Uganda being in the tropics where the groundnut mostly grows cultivates groundnuts extensively. Groundnuts seeds are beautiful and colourful and exist in natural colours like red, white, cream. Whole seed Groundnuts are eaten in various ways and methods, among them is the roasted groundnuts. Roasted groundnuts are cooked by roasting the seeds in a pan or an oven. Our basic interest today is the pan roasting method.

Ingredients needed for roasting groundnuts

2 cups of raw groundnuts

1 tbsp of salt to taste

A wooden spoon with a long handle

A thick based saucepan

A little water

Step by step process of roasting groundnuts perfectly using a pan

let us learn how to roast groundnuts perfectly using a pan in the steps that follow below

Clean and sort the groundnuts and remove stones, broken rotten, and very tiny groundnuts.  Small and tiny groundnuts should be removed because they get cooked before the others and start burning before the rest get roasted.

Set your thick-based saucepan on a medium source of heat. Add the groundnuts to the saucepan when it gets heated up.

Get your wooden spoon or spatula and mix the ground nuts consistently. Do not stop mixing for more than 3 seconds as the grounds will start to burn.

The groundnuts will start changing colour as they get roasted. You will also hear them popping frequently. Keep mixing and moving them with a spatula to prevent them from burning.

Pour little water into a cup and dissolve the salt into the water. Then sprinkle the salt solution all around the groundnuts. This will reduce the heat levels of the saucepan, so wait for the saucepan to heat up again and then start mixing and turning the groundnuts consistently as before.

Pick out groundnut from the saucepan to check they are ready. Peel the outer skin of the groundnut to reveal the naked nut. A ready nut should be golden or light brown in colour.

Watch out to not let your groundnuts dark brown or black as they will be burnt and not suitable for consumption.

When your groundnuts are golden or light brown put them off the heat and let them cool down.

Serve the groundnuts with a hot cup of tea or coffee or your favourite drink.

What are the healthy benefits of eating PERFECLY roasted groundnuts?

 Groundnuts are very nutritious and good for the body; eating groundnuts is known to promote body immunity to fight diseases and also help improve fertility. Let us have a look at their nutritional composition next.

Nutrition composition for 100 grams of groundnuts

Calories – 567

Protein – 25.8 grams

Fat – 49.2 grams (Saturated – 6.28 grams, Monounsaturated – 24.43 grams, Polyunsaturated – 15.56 grams)

Carbs – 16.1 grams

Sugar – 4.7 grams

Fibre – 8.5 grams

Water -7%

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