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Are you aware that most of the time we spend in the kitchen is by the sink? You are washing dishes, hands, ingredients, vegetables, fruits at any particular moment in the kitchen. This makes the Kitchen Sink one of the most visited areas in a normal kitchen. in this article, we shall learn more about kitchen sink prices in Uganda and where to buy them. No matter the kind of kitchen design you have it will need a kitchen sink somewhere.

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What is a Kitchen Sink?

A kitchen sink is simply a sink-in bowl with a water tap and a drainage pipe for used water in the kitchen.  A kitchen sink can be used for washing hands, washing dishes, vegetables, and ingredients, and is a must addition to any kitchen.

Kitchen sinks are also known as wash bowels, sinkers, hand basins, and washbasins.  Kitchen sinks are made out of different materials like ceramic, concrete, copper, enamel, glass, granite, stainless steel

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The most common make of sink for the kitchen is stainless steel currently because it is durable and of less cost, easy to clean and maintain. Stainless steel sinks are not easily damaged by hot or cold objects making them highly durable. Key features of a kitchen sink are the tap with hot or cold water or both, the sink or wash bowl and the plumbing drainage attached to the sink.

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Things to consider before buying your Kitchen Sink

The material

There are so many materials on the market from which you can choose an appropriate kitchen sink; ceramic, concrete, copper, enamel, glass, granite stainless steel, and porcelain. Several factors will control the choice of your Kitchen Sink. The ease of cleaning up a particular material is a major determinant when making a kitchen sink choice. Porcelain for example easily stains and needs a lot of cleaning attention. Stainless steel is a smarter option; it is easier to clean and looks very minimal and modern.

A drop in under-mount

Stainless steel kitchen sink under-mount

A drop in under-mount as the name suggests the sink is fixed/attached beneath the counter of the kitchen.  This is a much neater option and will save you from dirt and food particles getting stuck in the lips of the kitchen sink, and will be easier to maintain.

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The size of your sink

Based on the length of your kitchen counter and the size of the kitchen, your sink size should be therefore proportional to the available space. If your kitchen has a straight layout kitchen design the size of the sink should be minimal.

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Consider single or double bowels

The quantities of food you make and your budget will determine the choice for single or double bowels. Double bowl sinks will give you more working space as you cook and room for your dirty dishes.

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Prices of kitchen sinks in Uganda

 You can buy stainless steel kitchen sinks from several places in Uganda.

Kumu kutu

Kumu kutu is an online shop for a wide variety of building materials and construction equipment like concrete, concrete mixers, blocks, bricks, plumbing materials and so many more including kitchen sinks.

Kumukutu offers double bowl round stainless steel kitchen sinks which are drop-in/ under-mount at Uganda Shillings 400,000.

Find out more about their products

A sink with running water

Dondolo Shop

Dondolo Shop offers standard stainless steel or ceramic or fibreglass styles alongside innovative features and materials for your kitchen sinks.

Dondolo shop offers a variety of single-bowel and double-bowl kitchen sink designs. Dondolo shop will offer a variety of unique designs and choices from which you can make a choice.

Stainless steel kitchens at Dondola shops range from Uganda shillings 150,000 – 300,000.

View their offers in detail here

Other places where you can you kitchen sinks in Uganda include sanitary ware, topline allied services, multiple industries sales & showroom

single bowl stainless steel kitchen sink

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