What is Beetroot?


Beetroot is a taproot portion of the beet plant with a round dark red root that can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Alternatively it is used to make healthy juice. The beetroot is known as a beet in American English and a beetroot in British English.

Beetroots are liked for their medicinal elements that make them one of the most sought vegetables. Patients often diagnosed with critical illnesses are advised to include the beetroot in their diets. According to research beets can help with liver diseases and blood pressure when used together with some medicines.

Beetroots are in different colours other than red there is yellow and white.  You can mix them together as you cook if you enjoy playing with colours for a good presentation.

Origin of the Beetroot

Growing beetroots in the garden

Beetroots are vegetables, but not fruits. This root crop originates in the Mediterranean region from the Sea Beet. Beets were used only for medicinal purposes until the 1800s when French chefs realized its great potential as a side dish. In the 18thcentury, beets then were used for their leaves and not their roots. Now the taproot is typically used instead of the leaves, most people enjoy beet greens raw and mixed with lettuce for a healthy salad.

List of Ingredients for Beetroot Juice

Three (3) beetroots

A high power blender

1-inch piece of Ginger

One (1) lemon

A fine-mesh sieve

How to make the Beetroot Juice Step by Step

Step 1

Wash your beetroots over running water thoroughly and carefully to get rid of all the dirt. Clean all the remaining ingredients in the same way. Cut the top and bottom off. Do not peel the beetroot.

Step 2

Cut all the beetroots in proportionally small sizes. Peel the lemon and cut it into pieces removing any seeds that you find inside. Lemon Seeds will make the rest of your juice bitter when left inside.  Peel your 1-inch piece of Ginger. Dice it into small pieces. Unpeeled Ginger works fine as well make sure to wash it thoroughly.

Step 3

A juicer works best, but a blender is good enough too. Get your blender ready and add the fruit and vegetables into it, making sure that they are evenly mixed.

Divide your ingredients into 2 bathes if they do not fit in the blender at ago.Add half a glass of water to aid the blending process.  Observe to mixture; if it is very solid add more water to ease the process of juicing.

Step 4

Put a sieve over a juice jar and pour the juice over the sieve into the juice jar.  Your juice is now ready for serving. It is best to consume this juice fresh to benefit from all its healthy nutrients.

Healthy benefits of Beetroot Juice
Five (5) things you might not know about Beetroots
  1. They are also known as blood turnips
  2. Beetroot juice is often used as a natural pink or red  dye for processed foods
  3. Beets have the highest sugar content of all vegetables
  4. Beets are known to add red color to your urine and bowel movements which clears days later naturally.
  5. A mixture of Beetroot juices and salt are used by many communities in Ohio and Cincinnatito control ice on the roads during winter.

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