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What is the Ugandan Rolex?


“Magi abri, nanyambsi” is a phrase you will certainly hear and learn as you go about your business in Kampala. This phrase is not only used in the capital Kampala but all through the country in different dialects.This phrase is one’s order to the man with a charcoal stove and a frying pan on top of it for a Rolex.

A Rolex is eaten at any time of the day, morning, lunch and evening. ‘Magi abri’ is a Luganda dialect Phrase meaning Two Eggs, while ‘nanyambsi’ means raw tomatoes. These are then rolled inside a Chapatti. The name Rolex for this Ugandan street food Originates from the idea of rolling the chapatti and egg together.

The East African Chapatti

A Chapatti is a delicacy in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania and other east African countries. It has become one of the staple foods here.  It is served at all occasions and partiesas a side dish.

The East African Chapatti traces its origin from the Indian Chapatti, which is also known as roti, roti,safati, shabaati, phulka and roshi. It is an unleavened flatbread made of wheat flour and water originating from the Indian Subcontinent where it is a staple food.

Chapattiswere introduced to other parts of the World by immigrants from the Indian Subcontinent, particularly the Indian merchants to East Africa.

Chapattisare favored around the world for their simple and easy to make both at home and commercially. The East African Chapatti is moderation of the traditional Indian Chapatti.

Difference between the Indian Chapatti and the East African Chapatti

the-Uganda-Rolex-roll-on a plate
the-Uganda-Rolex-roll-on a plate

The Indian chapatti uses no oil during preparation and has no layers.  The East African Chapatti is multi-layered and uses Substantial amounts of vegetable oil in the process of cooking.

How to Eat the Rolex

A Rolex is mostly eaten still hot, even though it is equally delicious when eaten cold. One can slice the Rolex roll it into two pieces for presentation purposes and a good Impression when serving. But it is mostly eaten as a whole roll in a wrap by Uganda natives.

One should ensure that the Chapatti and the egg roll (Rolex) are intact before taking a bite of it. A Rolex can be eaten with raw vegetables or partially cooked vegetables which are cooked together with the eggs.

It is advisable to use raw tomatoes in your Rolex, if you plan to eat shortly after.  The tomatoes should be cooked together with eggs, when you plan to eat your Rolex later. This is because the raw tomatoes start to cook inside the hot roll and produce tomato juice from the heat.

A Rolex is can be eaten with a cup of tea or a bottle of soda, water or your favorite juice. The good news to Rolex lovers is that it is easy to make at home.

A Ugandan Rolex is originally a combination of chapatti, eggs and vegetables. This recipe can be supplemented with your favorite ingredientsthat can blend.


One (1) Cup of Wheat Flour

Two (2) eggs

One (1) carrot

A quarter of a cabbage

One (1)tomato

One (1) onion

One (1) green paper

Table Salt

Lukewarm water

Vegetable oil

Hot paper (Optional)

How to make the Ugandan Rolex Step by Step

Step 1

Sieve ¾ of the cup of wheat flour into a kneading bowl. The remaining ¼ cup of wheat flour is used during the process as we shall see fit. Add one teaspoon of table salt.  Add quarter a cup of Luke warm water to the wheat flour bit by bit start kneading.

Step 2

Add 2 Tea Spoons of Vegetable Oil to your dough to make it less sticky onthe surfaces of the bowl and your hands. Continue needing until your mixture feels tight spongyand has stopped sticking on the surfaces.

Step 3

Let your dough rest as you prepare the surface for rolling it out. Clean the top of your kitchen counter or table and sprinkle it with some remaining wheat flour. Get your dough and using your hands and make round balls with your palms.

 These should be made into consideration the size of your frying pan. Note that a chunky ball will make it hardto get the chapatti ready.

Step 4

Get your rolling pin and roll out your dough ball to a circular shape. If your dough is still sticky sprinkle it with wheat flour. Roll out the chapatti forming a circular shape and now it is ready to be cooked.

Step 5

Now it is time to get your vegetables ready.  Finely slice a quarter piece of the Cabbage onto Plate.Then finely dice your Onion and green paper into a plate. Cut your tomato into rings and arrange them on a plate. Well sliced vegetables will always give a good impression to your food.

Step 6

Place your pan over a moderate flame and heat it to 45c.  Get the circular rolled dough and place it on the pan. Wait for a few seconds, and then flip it. Give the other side the same time then add a tablespoon of Vegetable Oil to cook the chapatti. Stand byuntil it is golden yellow and then flip it to the other side. 

You may add half a spoon of vegetable oil to the other side or cook it with just one spoon of vegetable Oil.  After 3-5 minutes pick off the Chapatti and proceed with the process.

Step 7

Beat the Two Eggs into a bowl,and add two pinches of salt to them and whisk. Next, add you’re Onions and Green Paper and Cabbage respectively and whisk them together. The lovers of hot paper can add it in at this point.

Step 8

Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil onto the frying pan.Pour the egg mixtureonto the pan ensuring to spread it out. . You can add the Tomatoes if you intend to cook them together, arrange them neatly above the egg mixture as the lower part cooks.

When it has stopped stickingflip the Eggs and wait for a few minutes untilit stops sticking on the Pan Press down the Egg mixture, if it is intact and does not produceany milky water then it is properly cooked and ready.

Step 9

Place the Chapatti on the surface where you rolled it from, get your Eggs and place them on top of theChapatti.  If you preferred to eat your tomato raw arrange the fine tomatoes rings ontop of the eggs and roll your chapatti and egg. You can then wrap it with foil paper.

Healthy Benefits of Eating Rolex

From eating a Rolex you will benefit from all nutrients you find in eggs.   Are you aware that Eggs contain the highest quality of protein? Eggs are rich sources of selenium, vitamin D, B6, B 12 and minerals such as zinc, Iron and Copper.

The vegetablesin your recipe Cabbage, Greenpaper and Onion, tomatoesprovide nutrients vital for the health and maintenance of your body.

2 slices of chapatti and egg roll Ugandan Rolex
2 slices of chapatti and egg roll Ugandan Rolex

Chapattis are made from processed wheatflour.Wheat like other grains is high in cabs.

Tips to Note for Weight Loss

Too much of everything is not good, we have been told.  Overconsumption of a Rolex daily is not a good idea.

Wheat Flour used for making the Chapattis is most oftenprocessed wheat which lacks in fibres you find in whole grain wheat. It is advisable to use whole Grain Wheat Flour instead.

Maintain a constant routine of exercise this is good for both health and fitness.

Your vegetables for use should be purchased from a trusted source, carry out research about your service provider and their supply chain. Organic hygienic vegetables are advisable for use. Ethical considerations should also be put in mind when looking at the supply chain of your grocery supplier.

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