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Prices of Kitchen Appliances in Uganda

A kitchen is not only made by its layout design but also by the appliances that we select and use in our kitchen. Cooking is much more fun and interesting with the right kitchen appliance that helps you achieve exactly what you intend to.  Hence we shall have a look at the prices of kitchen appliances in Uganda, where to buy them and what to consider before buying kitchen appliances.

Things to consider before buying kitchen appliance

Here are a few tips you should have in your mind as you look at new potential appliances for your kitchen.

Know your kitchen space

Knowledge of the space that your new kitchen appliance is supposed to fit in is a must. You should note down the height, depth and width of the space you have available and make the design and size of your appliance fit perfectly into it

Know your exact budget

Plan and budget for your new kitchen appliance. To come up with a budget prior knowledge and benchmarking will help you draw up a more realistic budget. Then all you need to do is to fit your kitchen appliance into your budget. It is advisable to plan for a more durable brand or product that will last long in your family, save up a little longer to acquire the right and durable kitchen appliance.

Know what products are on market

Do precise homework about what the market has to offer before making an advance to buy a kitchen appliance. Look at the new trends and improvements of old brands on the market.  Learn about the different kinds, styles, features, prices, substitutes, materials and you can go further into considering social, ethical and environmental factors of your product and its manufacturers.

Don’t rush into buying

You don’t gave to panic-buy your kitchen appliances. You may need time to think further about the options you have found on the market and weigh their advantages and disadvantages before making a decision on which particular kitchen appliance to select.

Look out for sales and promotions

Be on the lookout for discounted seasons and prices so as to benefit from making a little saving from your buy. Black Friday deals and Christmas offers are examples of promotions from which you can benefit.

Know about your warranty and how to use it

Ask if your product has a warranty, and understand how and when it applies and does not.  Keep your warranty certificate or offer in a safe place where you can easily retrieve it when you need to use it.

Top 3 Common Kitchen Appliances Brands In Uganda and their Prices

The prices of different kitchen appliances in Uganda are based on the brand, design, make and retail versus wholesale pricing, common brands of kitchenware in Uganda include the following;

LG-Life’s Good Brand

LG is a multinational brand from South Korea dealing in electronics and other products like chemicals. LG is the maker of very many authentic kitchen appliances in Uganda. A double door fridge, with a 360 litres capacity will cost you around Uganda shillings 3,500,000/=. Check out LG Uganda for better kitchen appliances deals, through their authorized distributor in Uganda home appliances.

You can also buy LG Kitchen appliances online of Uganda online sites like JUMIA Uganda

Blue Flame Brand

The Ugandan market offers a range of cookers, ovens and, microwaves from the blue flame brand.  A medium-sized blue flame electric or gas cooker will cost you approximately Uganda shillings 800,000/=. You can check out more blue flame cookers and ovens on their official website.  You can also check out JUMIA Uganda for a connection to the official blue flames store.

Hisense brand

Hisense provides some of the best fridges and cookware on the market.  A Hisense fridge is durable and trustworthy and can be found at several showrooms in Kampala; the oasis mall, madhvani house, and esso corner showrooms

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