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A kitchen sink is not complete without a kitchen tap inserted into it. The quality and type of taps that you choose for your kitchen are important. The quality of tap you choose can improve the design and make your kitchen look more elegant.  In this write up we shall have a look at the prices of kitchen sink taps in Uganda and where to buy them.

How to choose the best kitchen sink taps for your kitchen

Designs of kitchen sink taps

The designs below are the two basic designs of kitchen sink taps, other varying designs that you will find on the market. The other differences exist in shapes and

Monobloc Taps

These kitchen taps are installed into just one hole in the sink or countertop. A sink designed for monobloc taps can fit a wide range of taps.  

Bridge or deck-mixer taps

These are fitted into kitchen sinks with two tap holes and most commonly separate hot and cold pipes running up to the sink. The bridge taps allow you to install a mixer tap for hot and cold water in place of two separate taps. This will give you precise control over the temperature of the water. 

Most other differences in the shape and design of kitchen tap are aesthetic, but before settling on a specific tap, make sure to check the following:

What to checks you should I make before buying a kitchen sink

The water pressure of your house is a must check. This is because while most taps will suit both high and low water pressure systems; others require specific minimum or maximum pressure levels under which they can work.

Ensure to check the height of the sink spout, especially if you have kitchen cabinets hanging above the sink. If you intend your taps to be set back from the sink, then it’s worth checking that the tap will reach far enough.

if you have a double kitchen sink, then make sure you choose a tap with a wide enough range of movement to swivel in both directions of your kitchen sink.

What are the different features of taps available on the Market?

Filter taps 

Filter water taps just like its name suggest, filter the water as it comes out of the tap. This will save some money from buying bottled water and removing the need to boil water for drinking and creating storage space in the fridge for the water. However, filter taps are quite expensive to buy and maintain as they will require one to replace the filters every few months. One should think about the maintenance cost before choosing filter taps as a key feature of their kitchen sink tap.

Boiling water taps:

 Boiling water taps are luxurious and are not a cheap affair. These kitchen taps are a great investment as they produce either boiling or near-boiling water instantly. A boiling water kitchen tap will completely replace the need for an electric kettle. This quality will give you the ability to make tea and coffee in a fraction of the time. These taps will require you to create extra space for a boiler in your Kitchen.

Pull-out spray nozzle taps:

These kitchen taps have a flexible and adjustable hose stored in the body of the tap. The tap nozzle can therefore be extended out of the tap and moved around the sink. Some models will allow you to change the flow of water, from a spray to a higher-pressure blast, this makes them perfect for doing the dishes.

Prices of Kitchen Sink Taps in Uganda and Where to Buy Them

Kitchen sink taps prices range from as low as Uganda shillings 35,000 and above. The pricing depends on the tap quality, the make, usage, brand and your supplier.  As we have learnt about being aware of exactly what and how you want your tap to operate. Do conclusive research too before making a purchasing venture in the market.

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