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Rolex Business in Uganda – Tips to Start and Succeed

The Rolex business is one of those that remained essential and running during the corona pandemic. Ugandans are addicted to and most likely cannot do without a Rolex. A  Ugandan Rolex as we already know is breakfast, lunch or supper for many in Uganda. Due to this fact, many have therefore ventured into the Rolex business in Uganda. Here is a write up about rolex business in Uganda- tips to start and succeed.

Uganda’s most popular street snack was recognised by CNN as one of the world’s famous food.  This snack is composed of a Ugandan chapatti and an egg omelette rolled together.

Starting up and investing in the Rolex business is fairly inexpensive. The requirements are also readily available on the market and will not cost you a huge sum of many. They are also easy to find and make.  The investment is less compared to the attractive earnings that you will garner at the end of the day, the start-up capital can be as low as Uganda Shillings 100,000 to 300,000

If you are interested in investing in the lucrative Ugandan Rolex industry, you will need little money to invest as your start-up capital. And a few basic pieces of equipment that are handy and can be easily acquired on the market.   Let us have a look at what equipment you need to acquire and how best to do so.

What are the Equipments needed for starting a rolex business

Below is a list of simple equipment you will need to start up a Rolex business. You should note that Rolex is commonly consumed as street food with most people ordering it on the go. The ready Rolex is easy and light to carry around.

Operating table

These are popular with all street Rolex stalls. It consists of a working table for your chapatti making process. It is commonly used for rolling out chapattis into a round shape, as well as rolling the egg and chapatti together. You will need a concealed compartment which is a prerequisite for anyone intending to sell food products by the street. This will cost between Uganda Shillings 30,000 – Uganda shillings 100,000.

A charcoal stove

Charcoal stoves are the most economical and commercially used source of heat by Rolex vendors in Kampala. Charcoal can be obtained from charcoal vendors from Uganda shillings 1,000/=, but with time you will notice that it is more economical to buy in bulk.  A good business charcoal stove will cost around Uganda shilling 20,000 and above.

A frying pan

This is a key item to the Rolex business. The most commonly used frying pans are flat in design, this helps to carve out the round shape of the chapatti and Rolex with ease. A good and long-lasting

frying pan can be bought in Kisenyi a Kampala suburb.

Sitting bench

You will need a few seats or a few sitting benches to ensure your customers are comfortable as they wait for their order. In rush hours mostly mornings, evenings and lunchtime, your stall is most likely to get more than one customer at the same time, these will have to wait as you make their orders

What ingredients do I need to start a rolex business?

In general, the ingredients that you need to start a Rolex business are cooking oil, wheat flour, eggs, salt and water. These ingredients are readily available in both small retail shops and supermarkets. The other determining factor for the ingredients that you need depends on the recipe that you make, trends like chicken Rolex are on the rise as opposed to the common egg and vegetable Rolex.

Step by step guide to starting up a Rolex business in Uganda-tips to start and succeed

As we have already discussed above, starting up a Rolex business is quite easy and affordable. Below is a more detailed look at how to start up your Rolex business in Uganda step by step.

A Business Plan

 To start up a Rolex business you will need a sufficient and basic business plan. It ought to answer a few of your immediate questions like the target market, the desired sales targets, long term outlook, product mix, the planned operation approach among others.

You’re Recipe

With the growing market, innovation and creativity that the Ugandan Rolex has attracted, a good recipe is a bonus for your startup. If you are a lover of the Chapatti, then you definitely can tell the difference between a good and bad one. Be creative with other ingredients other than the usual eggs, spicy up your Rolex with chicken and other creative vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce and Cabbages. Having an attractive and quality recipe will guarantee you return clients.


Location is paramount and a determinant of your sales and profits. The Rolex business is essentially a roadside one, whose ultimate goal is to prey on the gullibility of people going about their usual routines. This though is likely to change with the inclusion of the Ugandan Rolex on the recipes of main scale supermarkets and restaurants.

Even still, you need to make it as convenient as possible for someone to part with that very little amount of money to acquire a delicious and satisfying Ugandan Rolex. common locations for chapatti stalls are; trading places with shops, restaurants and supermarkets; residential neighbourhoods; public transport stages and around schools and universities.


Buy your ingredients from trusted stores and take note of counterfeit products on the market. Good quality of your ingredients like cooking oil, Wheat flour, and the baking powder will ensure the quality of your chapatti. For the other raw materials like cabbages, tomatoes, onions, lettuce, ensure to use fresh and organic ones from the garden.   


Are you planning to be an active part of your Rolex business or you do not plan to directly run the business? If you don’t, then you need to hire decent people or a person that will ensure to offer the best and quality product to the customer. The workers you choose are the face of your business, so ensure to choose the right people but make sure to form a good and motivating contract with them.

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