how to cook Ugandan Steamed Matooke

Steaming cooking method

Steaming is a cooking method that requires the use of moist heat to cook up different dishes. The moist heat used in cooking is created by boiling water which forms hot vapour. This hot vapour/steam bring heat to the food and this heat, in turn, cooks the food. In this write up we shall learn more about the steaming cooking method.

What is steaming?

Steaming is a moist-heat method of cooking that cooks food by the use of hot vapour that steams off boiling water. The heat to the food is therefore carried by the steam and not the water as in the boiling cooking method. In the steaming method, food is held separately from the water but it is placed in such a position that it receives the hot vapour of the boiling water.  The most common and traditional way of steaming food in Uganda is by use of banana fibres that are used to hold food safely above water in a saucepan. Check out the Ugandan steamed matooke recipe for reference.

What are the benefits of the steaming cooking method over boiling

Steaming food and vegetables are preferable to the boiling cooking method the food retains more of its nutrients since it is not boiled in submerged water

Steaming is a delicate process of cooking with little agitation of the food making it ideal for fragile and delicate foods like baby carrots, green beans, and delicate greens.

Steaming helps to maintain the colour in vegetables and foods unlike overcooking which drains the colours.

Tips on how to maintain a steam in the steam cooking method

The best way to maintain the heat of steam you’re cooking is to ensure that the cooking saucepan or steamer is tightly closed. That will keep the steam inside the cooking pot so it can cook your food, and maintain the water level at the bottom at the same time..

What the Benefits of steaming cooking method

Steaming can be a quick way of cooking some soft ingredients like greens and vegetables

It keeps the original flavour of food and does not mess it up by mixing it up with liquids just like in the boiling cooking method.

Food cooked using the steaming method retains its shape, colour and texture because it does not absorb any liquids it remains in its original natural form. 

This method is good for nutrition purposes as it does not use oil as in the deep frying and sautéing cooking method. The food also does not leak its nutrient’s like vitamins, minerals and many anti-cancer fighting properties.

Modern equipment used in the steaming cooking method.

The equipment below is used to steaming food and you should consider planning for one for your kitchen if you do not have one already.

The above steaming equipment can be acquired and bought in Uganda from the online shopping channel JUMIA Uganda, if you are particular about your brand you can consider visiting the LG appliances world store in Uganda.  Hisense kitchen appliances are also a perfect option for your kitchen and can be obtained from Hisense outlets and showrooms around Kampala like the oasis mall, madhvani house, and esso corner showrooms

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