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Top 5 Frequently Asked Questions about the Ugandan Rolex

What is Rolex in Uganda?

Rolex in Uganda is a street snack.  The Rolex is made up of chapatti and eggs rolled together. The snack, therefore, gets its name from the fact that the egg is rolled up together with the chapatti.

This street snack is popular in Uganda and has become food to many.  It is a favourite of many university students who eat for breakfast, at lunch and supper.

Rolex in Uganda is a business to many people.  Rolex stands can be seen on the street in every residential city suburb in Kampala.  This is a source of income and a source of livelihood.  The man who makes your Rolex is commonly called the Rolex guy.

How much is a Rolex in Uganda?

The price of street Rolex in Uganda

A standard Rolex in Uganda consists of 2 eggs and 1 chapatti. This Rolex costs Uganda shillings 1500.  A Rolex made up of 1 chapatti and 1 egg costs Uganda shillings 1000. A Rolex of 2 eggs and 2 chapattis will cost one Uganda shillings: 2000.  A Rolex in Uganda will therefore cost between Uganda Shillings 1000-2000 on the street.

The price of non street Rolex in Uganda  

The price of Ugandan Rolex at different restaurants, supermarkets and Rolex restaurants varies with the ingredients and value addition to the basic street Rolex. The Uga-roll for example will cost you about Uganda Shillings 20,000

How do you make a good Rolex?

Perfect Ugandan Rolex Recipe

One (1) Cup of Wheat Flour

Two (2) eggs

One (1) carrot

A quarter of a cabbage

One (1) tomato

One (1) onion

One (1) green paper

Table Salt

Lukewarm water

Vegetable oil

Hot paper (Optional)

How to make the Rolex Step by Step

Step 1

Sieve ¾ of the cup of wheat flour into a kneading bowl. The remaining ¼ cup of wheat flour is used during the process as we shall see fit.  Add one teaspoon of table salt.  Add quarter a cup of Luke warm water to the wheat flour bit by bit start kneading.

Step 2

Add 2 Tea Spoons of Vegetable Oil to your dough to make it less sticky on the surfaces of the bowl and your hands. Continue needing until your mixture feels tight spongy and has stopped sticking on the surfaces.

Step 3

Let your dough rest as you prepare the surface for rolling it out. Clean the top of your kitchen counter or table and sprinkle it with some remaining wheat flour. Get your dough and use your hands and make round balls with your palms.

 These should be made into consideration the size of your frying pan. Note that a chunky ball will make it hard to get the chapatti ready.

Step 4

Get your rolling pin and roll out your dough ball to a circular shape. If your dough is still sticky sprinkle it with wheat flour. Roll out the chapatti forming a circular shape and now it is ready to be cooked.

Step 5

Now it is time to get your vegetables ready.  Finely slice a quarter piece of the Cabbage onto Plate. Then finely dice your Onion and green paper into a plate. Cut your tomato into rings and arrange them on a plate. Well, sliced vegetables will always give a good impression of your food.

Step 6

Place your pan over a moderate flame and heat it to 45c.  Get the circular rolled dough and place it on the pan. Wait for a few seconds, and then flip it. Give the other side the same time then add a tablespoon of Vegetable Oil to cook the chapatti. Stand by until it is golden yellow and then flip it to the other side. 

You may add half a spoon of vegetable oil to the other side or cook it with just one spoon of vegetable oil.  After 3-5 minutes pick off the Chapatti and proceed with the process.  

Step 7

Beat the Two Eggs into a bowl, and add two pinches of salt to them and whisk. Next, add you’re Onions and Green Paper and Cabbage respectively and whisk them together. The lovers of hot paper can add it in at this point.

Step 8

Add a tablespoon of vegetable oil to the frying pan. Pour the egg mixture onto the pan ensuring to spread it out. . You can add the Tomatoes if you intend to cook them together, arrange them neatly above the egg mixture as the lower part cooks.

When it has stopped sticking flip the Eggs and wait for a few minutes until it stops sticking on the Pan Press down the Egg mixture, if it is intact and does not produce any milky water then it is properly cooked and ready.

Step 9

Place the Chapatti on the surface where you rolled it from, get your Eggs and place them on top of the Chapatti.  If you preferred to eat your tomato raw arrange the fine tomatoes rings on top of the eggs and roll your chapatti and egg. You can then wrap it with foil paper.

Who invented the Ugandan Rolex?

Rolex originated in Busoga located in the eastern part of Uganda.  The Rolex become popular after it was loved by the students in Makerere University.  Rolex as a snack in Uganda previously was associated with poverty. This has come to an end with the changing image of the Ugandan Rolex.  The change in attitude is attached to the fact that even after students leave campus, they still love the Rolex still.

How do you make the Ugaroll?

Ugaroll is a restaurant located at capital shoppers parking in Ntinda a Kampala suburb that specializes in adding value to ordinary Ugandan Rolex. The Rolex served at this restaurant is called the Ugaroll. The Ugaroll is a Rolex with the addition of chicken and beef to its recipe. The Rolex is a roll of chapatti, eggs and chicken or beef. Restaurants commonly use barbeque chicken for the ugaroll recipe.

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