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Top Kitchen Countertop Designs in Uganda

Countertop designs are responsible for how your kitchen will look. The kind of material and finishing will be responsible for the grand appearance or inferior look of your kitchen. There are various materials on the market for kitchen countertops the common ones being marble, granite, quartz, quartzite, wood and steel. Hence we shall look at the top kitchen countertop designs in Uganda.

Top 7 Materials Used For Kitchen Countertops in Uganda

Marble Countertops

Marble is a natural stone that has been used in kitchen counter designs long before the existence of modular kitchen designs. Marble is a naturally existing material hence it is available in abundance and at low prices. It is a stone that is easy to handle and install. It also has a robust and long life span.  However, natural marble has limited colours leading to non-uniformity with other kitchen designs. Since it is natural it sometimes has some defects like spots and cracks that need to be covered up for beauty in the kitchen.

Granite Countertop design

Granite countertops became popular with modular kitchen designs. They are considered the first designer countertops. Granite countertops occupy a major chunk of the kitchen countertop market in Uganda. It is also a natural material so it exists in abundance and is low priced. However, it exists in limited colours variations since it is natural. It could also have natural defects like spots, cracks and gaps that need to be handled carefully by experts to create matching fillings.

 Engineered stone kitchen Countertops

Engineered stone countertops are made up of man-made materials. The engineered stone countertops came into existence due to the inherent defects and problems of natural materials like granite and marble. This countertop utilizes unused stones from queries that are crushed and mixed with a bonding material to give a seamless look to the final product. This factory-made product exists in so many designs, patterns and colours. This countertop design leaves room for more creativity, and flexibility for interior designers.  However one should be wary of low-quality suppliers of engineered stone design countertops.

 Quartz kitchen Countertops

Quartz or composite stone material is another countertop material for your kitchen. It is also classified as engineered stone transformed and made in the factory.  It is composed of majorly quartz material which is held together by resins. This mixture forms a strong material for kitchen countertops, and it comes in a variety of colours and flawless finishes, unlike natural materials.

Wooden Countertops designs

Wooden countertops make the kitchen look very elegant and timeless in appeal. This countertop material is easily available, and decorative. It requires less maintenance and is high on aesthetics. However wooden countertops are not suitable for wet areas and need a reliable and quality supply of wood.  Wood tends to absorb stains and this may change its natural appearance.

Concrete Countertops

Concrete is a trending material that’s making its way to kitchen countertops. One can get creative with concrete and customize the shape and design of their kitchen, and bring a unique and sleek look to your space. 

Metal Countertops

Metal countertops are common in modern-styled homes thanks to their durability. Most metal countertops are made to withstand rust and surface dings. They have a beautiful shine which is a great addition to your kitchen. 

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