A kitchen layout is a shape made by the arrangement of kitchen appliances like countertops, cabinetry, refrigerator and other kitchen appliances.  The layout and floor plan create the primary work triangle you make along with the refrigerator, sink and cooking place.


U shaped Kitchens are made up of 3 adjoining walls that form U shape designs. The U shape layout is sometimes referred to as a C shaped Kitchen. The cabinetry and countertops span around the three sides of the walls leaving one open entrance as its access point.

The U shaped design offers a continuous layout of countertops creating ample storage throughout the 3 walls of the U shape. 

The U shape has got 3 Sides which creates a functional and efficient design for an ideal work triangle.

An ideal work triangle shape will provide uninterrupted efficiency and safety between the gas/electric cooking place, cleaning area, and refrigerator when the user is preparing meals.

A U shaped kitchen design is very flexible and works in a number of shapes and spaces; it can work in smaller kitchens as well as larger ones.

 Larger shaped kitchens can fit in an auxiliary island in the middle to provide extra countertops for food preparation, cabinetry for storage, of a sink for cleaning.

An added island to your U shape can also offer an additional dining area with the addition of stools.

U shaped kitchen layout is ideal for families that love to congregate around the counter and spend a lot of time in the Kitchen.

This social set-up is perfect with the addition of a kitchen island to match and the rest of the design in your kitchen.

Tips To Consider When Designing a U-Shaped Kitchen

Tailor the U Shape Of Your Kitchen To Your Space

The adjacent two walls will be longer than one shorter wall. This means the lengths of you’re kitchen cabinets will either be the same size for the 2 walls and shorter for the short wall. Your designer will help you get perfect sizes and fittings that are right for your kitchen space.

Consider the Work Flow for Your Kitchen

Consider how your kitchen work will flow from cooking, cleaning and refrigeration by creating an efficient work triangle.  Place your cooktop, sink and refrigerator in ranges on adjacent walls and counter surfaces to create a perfect work triangle. It is more effective to place sink and refrigerator or any other tall kitchen appliances opposite each other in the kitchen.

Consider the Location Of Your Main Kitchen Sink

If you have got a window in your kitchen it is better to place your kitchen sink by the window to take advantage of the scenes outside and allow natural light into your kitchen

Why should I place my kitchen sink by the window
  • Kitchen plumbing will be easier to install and access the piping and drainage works and outlets
  • It makes more sense to place a sink under the window that place a kitchen cabinet over the window
  • It is more relaxing to wash dishes as you take a look outside and have a look at the scenery the birds, flowers or even the wild
  • It lets fresh air in and diffuses the smell of the dirty dishes in the air maintaining a fresh and relaxing supply of fresh air
  • A sink near the window will not require you to turn the light all the time as you clean your dishes
  • It decongests the space above the sink; imagine doing dishes with your nose pointing towards your kitchen cabinets
  • Placing your kitchen sink by the window has been a tradition for many years and generations and is not about to disappear for both health reasons and kitchen design reasons

Consider the location of your Cooktop in the U-shape Layout

It is efficient to place your cooktop on the shot wall in the middle of your U shape Layout. The cooktop at this position will allow you to create a triangle to the other focal areas in the kitchen like the sink and refrigerator.

Consider the addition of a kitchen Island to your U-shaped layout

An island will be a great addition to your U-shaped design if you have the space for it.  

It multiple usages will help you achieve a number of function like added storage space, additional dining area for your family members, cooking, cleaning and food preparation area you can do anything with a kitchen island. 

It is important to leave a space of 1 m to 1.2m around your kitchen island.

Maximize your space

Maximize the space in your kitchen by transforming your tricky corners with pull-out storage that will maximize every inch of your storage. A pull-out mechanism will leave no space forgotten about and will enable you to explore the depths of your cupboard.

What Are the Advantages of a U-Shaped Design

Appliances in U-design are placed within a close range of each other

  • Spacing is maximized by wall cabinets and built-in appliances
  • It offers a flexible and efficient cooking triangle design
  • The U shape Layout allows for many cooks in the kitchen at the same time
  • One has the ability to insert an island as an addition to the U shape design
  • U shaped kitchens make good G -shaped kitchens with the addition of a pennisula

What Are the Disadvantages of a U-Shape Lay Out

  • The layout needs 3 walls to make a U shape
  • The layout has got corners which need careful planning and designing to maximize the space around

Can You Have an Island With a U-Shaped Kitchen?

A U-shaped kitchen is wide enough and can allow you to install a kitchen island in it. 

U shaped design is known to be a social kitchen so adding a kitchen island to it will not let you down.

You should plan for space of 1m to 1.2m around the kitchen island to enable easy movement around the kitchen.

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U shaped kitchen layout/design

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