What is a Drop-in Kitchen Sink?

What is a Drop-in Kitchen Sink?

Kitchen sinks exist in many styles that one can choose from.  One of the styles you will definitely find on the market is the drop-in Kitchen Sink. Today our topic is; what is a Drop-in Kitchen Sink?

Drop-in kitchen sinks, also known as self-rimming sinks, over-mount sinks, or top-mount sinks. The sink basin sits on top of your kitchen counter and its rim/lip is visible on the basin’s perimeter. The rim of a drop-in sink rests just over the cut-out for the sink. The major role of the rim is to support the sink.

Types of drop-in kitchen sink basins

Sink basins come in a wide variety of options for you to choose from according to match your preference and style for your Kitchen.

Single basin sinks;     

Just like the name, single basin sinks are made with just one deep bowl. Its advantage is that it does not take up much of the kitchen counter space.

Double basin sinks

These are the most popular type of top-mount kitchen sinks with the highest demand from consumers.

Three-bowl basin sinks

Three bowel kitchen sinks provide an extra third basin; these are mainly common in commercial kitchens but can also be inserted in our home   kitchens if you love

What Materials are Drop-In Sinks made of?

Several materials are used by manufacturers in the making of drop-in sinks

Stainless steel

is the most commonly used material for drop-in sinks. It is made from a mixture of steel, chromium, and nickel. The main advantages of using stainless steel are; it’s affordable, robust, easily recycled and repurposed. 

Stainless steel kitchens range from 22-gauge thickness to 16-gauge thickness. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the sink, and the better the durability, one must pay a higher price tag for better material.


Common stone materials for drop-in sinks include granite, soapstone, and quartz. The advantage of stone material is that it is typically more durable than stainless steel and other metal basins. Its disadvantage is it needs specific cleaning methods and materials.

Certain chemicals can wear off the protective finish over the stone, resulting in a stain or bleach spot that is susceptible to scratching and catching grime, ruining the appearance and the durability of the sink. Choose cleaning supplies that are safe for stone sink material.

What are the Advantages of Drop-In Sinks

Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing a Drop-in sink for your kitchen.


Kitchen drop-in sinks are generally cheaper to buy and easier to install compared to under-mount sinks. It is easy for DIY lovers who wish to install the sink themselves.


You need to put into consideration the care and maintenance of your sink regularly. The basin of an over-mount sink is easier to clean than the basin of an under-mount sink.


It is the perfect choice for soft countertops, drop-in sink rims help to protect the edges of the sink cutout like marble by preventing the buildup of water on the surface edges of the stone through repeated exposure of use.

Laminate countertops need only drop-in sinks since the particle board below the laminate surface isn’t strong enough to support under mount sinks but plays well with self-rimming basin types.

What are the Disadvantages of Drop-In Sinks?

As compared to the kitchen sinks link under-mount, drop-in sinks have got a number of disadvantages too.


Self-rimming kitchen sinks take up valuable counter space with the overhang. If you’re working with a small kitchen and simply need that extra space for food prep, a drop-in sink might not be the best choice.


While the basin of an over-mount sink is easier to clean, the rim and the surrounding countertop, particularly when the sink is close to a wall. The area between the sink overhang and the wall can create a hard-to-reach channel that becomes a natural pooling place for sink water, food particles and grime.

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Overhanging edge of the drop-in sink makes raises and rounds off the edge of the sink, compromising on the aesthetics of straight-lined countertops when pricey materials like granite or quartz.

 How to Choose a Drop-In Sink

Your daily habits in the kitchen like how you cook, clean, and perform regular household chores will determine the choice you make for your sink.

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Consider everything that you have learned about drop-in kitchen sinks: the pros and cons, the various basin styles and materials available in the market to consumers and any budgetary and resale value concerns, current trends and fashions to make a choice for a drop-in kitchen sink for your kitchen.  When considering a self-rimming or over-mount sink for your home.

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