What is a straight / one wall kitchen Layout?

A straight layout is a kitchen design in which all the facilities, counter, Sink; cabinets are arranged on one wall.  The other walls and sides of the Kitchen are openly congregating into the living areas.   Straight kitchen layouts are also known as one–wall or single line kitchen designs based on the fact that everything is attached to the wall in a straight line.

Straight/ single line kitchen layout is simple and requires less space and financial resources in contrast to other kitchen layouts.  It will fit in small apartments and studios and work for low budget decisions. 

 The single-line design movement in the Kitchen is minimised and limited to a minimal workspace making it a neat layout. To further minimise the space built-in appliances are advisable for use.

Strengths of a straight Kitchen Layout

 The most effective strength of the straight kitchen design is its simplicity and ability to fit in small spaces.  The kitchen appliances are placed in a single line to the wall creating a straight line of order and kitchen workspace. This will save you a bit of space where you can fix your dining table

It is a cheaper design compared to the other kitchen designs. This design comes about by the limited counter space that will remain for the counter after fixing the other appliances a limited counter space.

It reduces the mess and clutter since your cooking workstation is limited to a single line. All your work and movements are confined to the straight line.

A one-wall kitchen is a good place to carry out DIY.  The owner can easily get creative in this small space, with personalised designs and arrangements.

Weaknesses in the straight kitchen layout

Limited space for use most especially for several family members, the straight kitchen layout will perfectly work for one or two people but possibly, a burden to a family of 8 members. Remember a kitchen is a place where the bond of love is strengthened; you may want a kitchen that accommodates your family members.

It limits the storage space available for use due to its compact nature. You may design the wall above with cabinets but then you don’t want to overdo it as this will ruin the appearance of your kitchen and make it less classy. You don’t want to happen, do you?

Limited working space due to few countertops or a single countertop, if you enjoy your space as you prepare a meal this will be a headache to you, there will not be enough space to chop and spread out your ingredients and hang around.

Tips on space utilization in your straight layout kitchen

Place a few cabinets on the wall above your cooking space to add to your storage space

Add a few drawers under the counter if your space is still wanting for your storage needs.

You can add a raised table beside your countertop to increase your workspace for cooking.

Lastly, learn to let old kitchenware go to decongest your kitchen, there is no need to hang on to kitchenware that you don’t use, find means of maintaining what you need.

Lastly, find it in you to be happy and cook with love, savour every moment while it exists, may your kitchen be a source of joy to you and your family.

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 Straight Kitchen layout Designs
Straight Kitchen layout Designs

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