where to buy Kitchen cabinets in Uganda


What Is A Kitchen Cabinet?

Kitchen cabinets are built-in furniture fitted in many kitchens for storage of food and kitchenware like plates, cups, cooking pots, silverware.   A modern kitchen design is not complete without kitchen cabinets in it.  this is why we need to know where to buy a kitchen cabinet in Uganda

The style and material you choose for your kitchen will determine how cheap or expensive your kitchen cabinets will be. Kitchen cabinets are necessary because they keep the kitchen neat, tidy and clean.

Excellent order of your kitchen cabinets will give ample space to set up your kitchen sink and ample working space as you cook and move around the kitchen.

brown kitchen cabinets
brown kitchen cabinets

What Are The Categories Of Kitchen Cabinets?

Base Kitchen Cabinets

Base kitchen cabinets are positioned directly on the floor. These will define the floor design of your kitchen.  The base kitchen cabinets occupy the space below the kitchen counter and give support to it.  The base kitchen cabinets can store utensils, kitchen crockery, appliances.

Wall Kitchen Cabinets

Wall kitchen cabinets are set up on the walls with the help of screws.  A good choice of colour and design will add a decorative appeal to your kitchen when well utilized.  The wall above the countertop is available for use right up the ceiling for your less frequently used kitchen items.   Less weight kitchenware, crockery and pots can be stored in this type of set-up

Tall Kitchen Cabinets

These are a mix of both the base and wall kitchen designs. They can start from the floor and end on the ceiling. This design of kitchen cabinets accommodates everything from heavy foodstuffs, kitchen appliances like the fridge to lightweight kitchen items. This is the most common type of kitchen cabinets used in Uganda. to utilse the space both below and above the kitchen counter.

white and red kitchen cabinets

3 BEST PLACES To Buy Kitchen Cabinets In Uganda

a granite kitchen counter with wooden kitchen cabinets
A Granite counter with wooden kitchen cabinets

Here is a list of 3 places where you can buy Kitchen Furniture In Uganda;

  1. Ugabox is a furniture shop in Kampala that deals with the manufacture of furniture, kitchen cabinets. Their website has got several designs  from which one can make a choice
  2. Modino furniture. Located in the industrial area is a company that masters in kitchen and wardrobe furniture. Materials for use are high quality and are shipped from Europe. They offer customized kitchen appliances to fit the clients need.
  3. Bboma furniture store makes and sells good quality kitchens. they also offer decoration and  design serves for your kitchen


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